Do you need compelling apps that are easily discoverable in the App Store and Google Play? we build apps for iOS and Android and keep them updated and compliant with the store policies and review requirement with features that meet your demanding requirements.

We have delivered over 500 apps for clients for the App Store and for Google Play, with 100% success at Apple App Store approvals and 100% success at Google Play policy and programme compliance

Cloud Services

Multizone provides support services associated with our mobile apps. These include services to configure and customise applications, and their management and support. Multizone also optionally provides onboarding professional services along with cloud strategy and implementation services together with agile development and product management activities in support of customers mobile apps cloud deployments.

Community management services

We can provide Content curation, Online community management, Online reputation management, Rapid reaction planning and scheduled event management to support your mobile app.


Multizone's workshops focus on demonstrating to Leadership teams the importance of mobile apps. These workshops are vital to getting leaders in the organisation onto the same page and bought into the project action plan for successful delivery of apps that transform workforce behaviours.

Mobile platform development services

Multizone's "Mobile platform development services" provides for development of additional functionality to be delivered as part of the service.

Mobile app customisation services

Multizone's "Mobile app customisation services" provide Customisation and branding of the apps to the specific requirements of the organisation.

Onboarding services

Multizone's "Onboarding services" are on-site small group familiarisation days including best practices, practical examples and first use of the apps. They are designed to overcome workforce resistance and barriers to adoption by showing how the tools can help people do their work more effectively.