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Neighbourhood Policing engagement apps

Surrey and Tayside Police were published by Multizone Ltd in the App Store and Google Play

These pioneering apps are sadly no longer available.

These apps gained a great deal of traction and many tens of thousands of downloads, and frequent daily active users, proving that people are interested in policing in their neighbourhood and even breaking the rate limit on the open data API they were using at the time. They were based on the principles of open neighbourhood policing, policing by consent, and the use of open data and social media for open engagement. Neighbourhood policing cuts, police station closures and huge budget constraints brought about their demise. A shame really as they really were trailblazing apps.

  • Originally developed to provide better visibility into the activities of the Police in the UK with the help of Surrey Police, and using only open public data, this was the UK Government 'trailblazer' project for mobile technology in policing.
  • It was the Official app to connect with England's Surrey Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams who work closely with partners and the public to tackle anti-social behaviour, solve crimes and build local confidence.
  • Surrey is policed around the clock and you could see what's happening right now right down to your local area on a map.
  • With live information as well as videos, photos and social interactions from the neighbourhood teams as well as local and county police priorities, events and news.
  • You could find who your local policing officers were, check their priorities and events and get directions to the local Police Station for your area from your current location.
  • You could compare the live police activity with monthly crime figures for the selected area and hold the police to account by sharing the crime figures online.
  • You could interact with comments, pictures and videos directly from the app, without having to learn the complexities of social media.
  • You could find out how to contact the police directly using Facebook, Twitter, email, or by reporting a crime online via the app or by placing a local rate or emergency phone call or text message.

App for the general public

Cluster map view of Police activity
Cluster map view of Police activity
Local Crime data Pie Chart
Local Crime data Pie Chart

App for Police officers

Police officer activity app
Police officer activity app, simple two taps to record activities
Police officer app
Police officer app used a standard taxonomy for activity types