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928uk® is published by Multizone Ltd. 928uk® is a registered trademark of Multizone Limited.

The 928 community in the UK has its own website, sponsored and managed by Multizone, at https://www.928.org.uk, sponsored and managed by Multizone since the web was only four years old in 1998. 928uk® is a community of interest with around 600 regular participants who are owners or fans of the 928 with its timeless design and glorious V8 engine.

  • Do you own or love the 928? Join our community, tell us about yours, or find one to buy.
  • View the gallery of participants cars and where possible we show you the original performance data for the particular model.
  • Cars for sale are highlighted in the gallery.
  • Read information and articles 
  • Enjoy the magnificent variety of colours and specification for each type of 928 in the gallery. Add yours and 
  • You can choose to add your own 928, and buy an advert to tell our community it is for sale if you wish.
  • App users can opt-in to get notifications, for example when a 928 comes up for sale.

The 928uk app doesn't try to be the website or mailing list and it isn't a social networking app. But if you have a 928 and love them then we think its for you. It is free to download and use.

It has about 20 pages which use data from a real-time database for end users images and documents. it caches data which means it works offline and respects the end users data allowance, it has authentication and account profile management (creation, editing, forgot password account deletion etc). You can upload photos and get the specification of your 928. It supports Google AdMob adverts, Amazon affiliate buttons, online detection and new in this release, the articles in the app come directly from our website via the Joomla API.

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It is based on a material design with with user interface elements including a nav bar, snack bars, list views, bottom sheets, extended floating action buttons, a simple search from the app bar, automatic dark and light appearance based on phone settings. It is sophisticated and rich.

It took less than 30 days in elapsed time and several releases and messages back and fore with Apple App Review from when I first submitted it to Apple to get it through App Review. RevenueCat was quite a learning curve of moving parts in the app, in the stores, in RevenueCat itself and with test scenarios. But finally Apple approved it for sale after extensive sandbox testing and I was able to push the identical build to production on Google Play. 

This started as very much my kitchen sink app to check out and get to know some best practices so that I can speak from experience beyond my existing client work product managing a team using Flutter to build hundreds of client apps.  

The app code is stored in GitHub and built from there for the app store and google play. This is not quite automatic yet but getting close! 

This app is super niche, and I was fortunate to have a group of about 30 testers passionate about it. But it is also a proof of capability to show how a living working example of how many of the technologies in Flutter can be put to use for a community or organisation to deliver identical functionality for iOS and Android while respecting platform differences between the two major phone operating systems.

928uk® is published in the App Store and Google Play.

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