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Piota Schools

Piota Schools is published by Schappit Ltd.

Piota makes customised apps helping schools and other organisations communicate and engage with their communities and wider followers.

Multizone provided professional services at CTO level and created a high performance software development team for Piota to build, manage and support the app platform we built using open source tools and frameworks that we love to work with. It supports many tens of thousands of end user mobile devices for hundreds of organisations. 

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Piota Schools is built upon an app platform created by Multizone for Schappit. The platform supports numerous container apps which load themes specific to the particular organisation that is using the platform. Consequently, hundreds of organisations can have their own branded presence inside the apps.

Piota mobile apps are completely free to download from the App Store and Google Play. These apps are designed to help schools streamline communication, cut costs, save time and aid pupil learning. Hundreds of schools, colleges and education related organisations use these apps to improve communications, engagement and feedback. Piota healthcare apps, based on the same platform, help healthcare organisations engage with their audience of employees, patients, carers and others. Piota was recently acquired.

Piota Schools theme Chooser
Piota Schools theme Chooser
Piota Schools theme
Piota Schools theme
Piota Schools List view
Piota Schools List view

It is based on a material design with with user interface elements including a navigation drawer, nav bar, snack bars, list views, bottom sheets, search, automatic dark and light appearance based on phone settings. It is sophisticated and rich.

The app code is stored in a provate Git repository and built from there by a Continuous integration platform based on Fastlane tools which can automatically submit updates for the app store and google play. 

This app platform has tens of thousands of users and hundreds of organisations using it.

The content for the app is managed in a Joomla content management system, which is provided to every organisation to enable them to administer their own content.

Piota schools is published in the App Store and Google Play.


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Joomla! is an open source, mobile ready content management system under continuous development. Every Joomla! website can have mobile friendly content for visitors and administrators. Joomla! is mature, powerful and proven. We love it and our mobile apps are better because of it.

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