Your own In-house apps can be published to exact agreed requirements using our proven product management process to produce software that meets the right requirements and meets quality and time to market goals.

Proven product management process
  • We work with you to establish the ‘shape’ of the organization and the context
  • The kind of company you are determines the success criteria for the software we help you create whether it be Vertical Market Software, In-House Bespoke systems, or pervasive Business Software
  • Alliances with vendors, attitude to Open Source are key influences in software choice
  • Resources available in the value chain of the business?

If you are a consumer software company trying to build a mobile phone infrastructure you fail the shape test. Do mobile phone companies building consumer software fail it too?

Single version of the truth

Invest in the right type of tools for the project work you are undertaking. As real-time as you can!

Don’t use a Text editor to manage a multi team multi part continual project focus on delivery of solutions with evolving requirements

Invest in thinking about KPI measurement starting from the ground rules. Even the simplest measures for project health can be hugely effective in comparing projects and their teams.

Make Traceability pervasive
  • We uniquely number items from cradle to grave and don’t allow people to change the number. Not Ever. You can change the name or the order or priority
“Oh no that’s not the Printer Driver it’s the Print Spooler, The printer driver is not yet scheduled.” – Developer
“Is it E001 or not? If its not whats its number so we can trace back to the requirement for clarity, or find it’s a new requirement, schedule it and update the project to take account of its requirements” – You
“its part of E001, its going to take 2 more days..” - Developer
Avoid the tidal wave of mediocrity..

Having ticket management systems in place doesn’t guarantee success. Real success comes from continually completing products that people want. Everyones an expert after the fact but we make you examine how you make these decisions and challenge the simple ones. Group based decision making based on industry conference consensus results in mediocrity, lack of definition, and sameness

It's no good doing things right if youre not doing the right things

We make sure you track milestones, across organisational silos and through political boundaries. We use identical KPI's to measure project success.

Work for us!

Multizone is made up of an award winning team with a friendly working ethos based on trust. If you feel you could contribute towards the success of our company as part of our team then we would be very interested in hearing from you.

We are extremely flexible. Part time work and working from home is an option but we do require highly responsive people, permitted to work in the UK, who fit well with our team and ethos and who are online most of the time and prepared to travel at times to client sites all over the UK. We are based in Surrey and Scotland.

Please get in touch via email with a link to example apps or sites you have developed or other useful information.


Mobile app Developer - Flutter SDK , Dart

Back end app and API developer - Joomla!, PHP, JavaScript, Firebase

At Multizone we create cloud connected high-performance, high-fidelity apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. We use the Flutter UI toolkit from Google, with cloud services and Joomla! for content management.

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Recent work

Mobile app platform

Piota high quality native mobile apps are completely free to download. These apps are designed to help schools streamline communication, cut costs, save time and aid pupil learning. Hundreds of schools, colleges and education related organisations use apps from Piota to improve communications, engagement and feedback. Piota healthcare apps help healthcare organisations engage with their audience of employees, patients, carers and others.

The app platform created for Piota is built using open source tools and frameworks that we love to work with, and supports tens of thousands of end user mobile devices for hundreds of organisations.

macOS deployment

What we have are a very particular set of macOS and Unix skills, skills we have acquired over a very long career. Skills that mean we can customise macOS as required for continuous integration and virtual servers without breaking the simplicity of the system. One small business client ran macOS Server for years inside their HQ in order to ensure the security of the data they work with. It was so reliable that they didn not need their own IT specialist. It was backed up automatically using Time Machine. Because it is based on macOS it was kept up to date with security issues and best practice.

Product Management and Vision

eDiscovery product management. Multizone Director Angus Fox provided leadership support and Interim Product Management consulting services, and held workshops to establish a sense of purpose and to create a product vision for e-Discovery software in a market in the middle of a transformation. He created a program of leadership mentoring and direction for the e-Discovery software product management team. He established a product innovation process based on Agile, with light touch but effective oversight and governance. To establish the vision he carefully chose and hired people to join the pm team who fast showed their ability to become a high performance team.

Police mobile apps for engagement

Surrey Police had over 500 neighbourhood officers using our apps after the completion of the rollout across all eleven boroughs in August 2012. Apps were available for download by members of the public from the App Store and from Google Play. Tayside Police rolled out our apps to community officers force wide. The apps had tens of thousands of downloads. Note that sadly these apps are no longer available.


Android™ apps

App management involves feasibility analysis and written requirements, development, testing, in-life and end of life support. Android apps need strong Visual Design and User Interaction and performance with stability. Apps designed for Google Play need to adhere to publication criteria.

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App Store

Apps for iPhone® and iPad®

App management involves app feasibility analysis and written requirements, development, testing, App Store review, in-life and end of life support. Engaging apps require notifications and regular content and feature updates to keep functionality fresh in concert with new devices and operating systems.

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Joomla! is an open source, mobile ready content management system under continuous development. Every Joomla! website can have mobile friendly content for visitors and administrators. Joomla! is mature, powerful and proven. We love it and our mobile apps are better because of it.

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Open Source

Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared by anyone. We encourage our developers to contribute code they have written for our projects back to open source projects that use software licenses approved by OSI in the belief that better software will be the result.

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