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We’re celebrating two years of hard work by Joomla volunteers, who had the vision to produce a new major version every two years and have delivered, for everyone. Joomla 5 is FAST! And it has a host of enhancements, while maintaining compatibility with Joomla 4's default theme 'Cassiopeia' Watch the Joomla 5 video, and go to the Joomla 5 landing page to find out more.

No changes to the site content were required in order to upgrade from Joomla 4 to Joomla 5.

Dark Mode in Administrator: Joomla 5 boasts a more refined dark mode, not just for users but also for administrators.

Web Assets and Caching: Many improvements to the web asset caching

Schema.org Integration: Automatic activation of Schema.org data for organisation and site names enhances search engine optimisation.

Code Optimisation: Speed advancements are noticed due to automatic source code optimisation through the phpcs fixer.

PHP & Bootstrap Updates: Improved compatibility with PHP 8+ and an update to Bootstrap 5.3.2 ensures that the platform remains contemporary.

User Interface: Enhancements in dark mode for the Atum administrator template and the new Joomla modal window for select buttons promise a smoother user experience.

Tools & Plugins: The TinyMCE editor gets an update to 6.7 with added image alignment features. Several scheduled tasks have been moved to scheduler plugins, enhancing system performance.

Media Management: AVIF support in the media manager and the ability to exclude archived content from smart search indexing improve media handling capabilities.

Menu sorting: Allowing you to sort the menu in the way you want it.

Enhanced Security: Events have been migrated to their classes, and the removal of no longer functional Recaptcha plugins boosts security.

Modern Technologies: Internal code restructuring focuses on utilising more modern APIs. There's added JS Import map support for Web Asset Manager and deprecated fixes for php 8.2.

Extensions & Compatibility: Joomla 5 introduces Fontawesome 6.4, Codemirror 6, and has updated its Webauthn Library. Notably, Joomla now requires PHP 8.1, MySQL 8.0.13+, MariaDB 10.4+, and PostgreSQL 12+ for optimal performance.

Cleaner Code Base: Joomla 5 places a strong emphasis on code cleanliness. The transition from older APIs, removal of es5 support, and other heavily coded cleanups ensure the CMS runs efficiently.

Joomla 5 encapsulates modern requirements for a CMS, promising its users a combination of speed, security, and an intuitive user experience.

Recent work

Region restricted eDiscovery platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This client had need of a very particular set of skills. Skills that have been acquired over a very long career. Skills that would otherwise make a solution like this a nightmare. What we did was to help build out an eDiscovery platform in AWS capable of processing huge amounts of electronic information from email and office documents and images and audio. The eDiscovery platform itself is commercial software which relies on a quite complex deployment of Windows Server, SQL Server, Office Online Server, Elastic Search and its own proprietary agent style processing system. Working with the vendor we were able to build it out in our clients AWS environment and provide a solution equivalent in performance to the vendor's own SaaS product offering but restricted to meet very tight geographic restrictions for access to the data. The solution has extremely tight security and yet delivers flexibility for Internet based legal review of collected information for production in legal proceedings. It is designed and documented to comply with the clients ISO-27001 requirements.

Mobile app platform

We provided professional services at CTO level and created a high performance software development team for Piota to build, manage and support an app platform we built using open source tools and frameworks that we love to work with, which supports many tens of thousands of end user mobile devices for hundreds of organisations.  Piota mobile apps are completely free to download from the App Store and Google Play. These apps are designed to help schools streamline communication, cut costs, save time and aid pupil learning. Hundreds of schools, colleges and education related organisations use these apps to improve communications, engagement and feedback. Piota healthcare apps, based on the same platform, help healthcare organisations engage with their audience of employees, patients, carers and others. Piota was recently acquired.

App creation using macOS for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)

macOS must be used to build apps for iOS And iPadOS. Build tools for Android require third party package managers and CI/CD tools which often require Java to be able to function and all these dependencies need to be managed carefully to avoid pitfalls due to macOS security constraints. We provide professional services for all aspects of software creation and publication to the App Store and Google Play.

Product Management and Vision

We provided Leadership support and Interim Product Management consulting services at management level for a NASDAQ quoted client to create a new product vision for eDiscovery software in a market in the middle of a transformation and a product innovation process based on Agile, with light touch but effective oversight and governance. To establish the vision we carefully chose and hired people to join the client pm team who fast showed their ability to become a high performance team.

Police mobile apps for engagement

Surrey Police had over 500 neighbourhood officers using our award winning apps after the completion of the rollout across all eleven boroughs in August 2012. Apps were available for download by members of the public from the App Store and from Google Play. Tayside Police rolled out our apps to their community officers force wide. The apps had tens of thousands of downloads. Note that sadly these apps are no longer available.


Android™ apps

App management involves feasibility analysis and written requirements, development, testing, in-life and end of life support. Android apps need strong Visual Design and User Interaction and performance with stability. Apps designed for Google Play need to adhere to publication criteria.

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App Store

Apps for iPhone® and iPad®

App management involves app feasibility analysis and written requirements, development, testing, App Store review, in-life and end of life support. Engaging apps require notifications and regular content and feature updates to keep functionality fresh in concert with new devices and operating systems.

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Joomla Solutions Developer


Joomla! is an open source, mobile ready content management system under continuous development. Every Joomla! website can have mobile friendly content for visitors and administrators. Joomla! is mature, powerful and proven. We love it and our mobile apps are better because of it.

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OSI logo

Open Source

Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared by anyone. We encourage our developers to contribute code they have written for our projects back to open source projects that use software licenses approved by OSI in the belief that better software will be the result.

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