Piota - Mobile backend as a service App Platform (MBaaS)

Piota is a UK privately held software startup in the education sector. Multizone Director Angus Fox is acting as CTO for the company and its platform is a Mobile backend as a service App Platform (MBaaS) project for delivery of branded native mobole iOS and Android apps. This project has gone from 1 to 80 apps (160 if you count iOS and Android) in less than a year having built a pilot product and launched it in less than six months with a small team of expert developers we are now concentrating on improving the automation of app production through a custom build provisioning system based on Open Source tools and best practices in Continuous integration/Continuous deplopyment. You can find out more about our work from our presentation to London Titanium.

Product Management and Vision for Epiq Systems

eDiscovery product management. Multizone Director Angus Fox provided leadership support and Interim Product Management consulting services, and held workshops to establish a sense of purpose and to create a product vision for e-Discovery software in a market in the middle of a transformation. He created a program of leadership mentoring and direction for the e-Discovery software product management team. He established a product innovation process based on Agile, with light touch but effective oversight and governance. To establish the vision he carefully chose and hired people to join the pm team who fast showed their ability to become a high performance team.

Police engagement apps

Surrey Police had over 500 neighbourhood officers using our apps after the completion of the rollout across all eleven boroughs in August 2012. Apps for download by members of the public are available from the iTunes App Store and from Google Play. Tayside Police rolled out our apps to community officers force wide. Note that these apps are no longer actively maintained.

CASE STUDY: Applicable - Collaborative Thinking

Applicable Limited, a Microsoft Partner in the UK asked us to rebuild their website with a look and feel that is modern and reflects the company direction.

 Applicable Web Site Home Page

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